This is a graveyard blog. Something must be done.

Despite knowing that blogs are incredibly important - the PR foundation stone on which everything else is built – I have failed. I tell clients that a blog is a primary business tool. It builds reputations and creates thought-leaders. It's a great place to write about your industry and is fantastic for SEO. Journalists read your blog to see if you can string an idea together and you’ll never get on the rolling TV news (if that’s your bag) without a good solid blog that demonstrates you’re not just another complete nutter.

So, even though I know all this and subscribe wholeheartedly to the mantra that Blogs Are Bloody Ace, I have singularly failed to write blog posts on anything like a regular basis. That’s why this space you’re looking at is a graveyard blog. I’m the personal content-creating equivalent of an AA Group leader with a bottle of whiskey under his chair. I preach one thing and do the complete opposite. And something must be done.

In my defence, over the last two years my business has changed quite dramatically. I now spend most of my time working in the reputation-building side of PR; ghost writing national newspaper and magazine articles, speeches, blog posts (oh, the irony) and other wordy things for CEOs, high-net-worth individuals, parliamentarians and industry figures. I’m very busy but aren’t we all. Busy is not an excuse. But what busy does mean is that I no longer need this blog to generate results – to deliver business – I have more than enough of that.

So as a belated New Year’s resolution I’ve promised myself that I’m going to start using this blog again. But not necessarily as a business tool. I’m going to Plan B. I’m going to use it as a place to throw ideas around; to let off some steam; to talk about things in the media that get my goat and general try to write things for myself occasionally. It’s that or the blog goes. And at the moment, I still quite like it. Graveyard or not!