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Is a portfolio career really just a late midlife crisis?

11th November 2019

I've been thinking about a portfolio career. Don't laugh. Maybe there's something in it after all....

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Twitter and the Art of Psychological Maintenance

22nd June 2017

In Twitter terms, I’m old. Fifty plus. And for many oldsters like me, Twitter is becoming something of a trial....

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All Power to the Marmite People

23rd April 2015

Today we have a problem with outspoken Marmite People. They offend us....

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Take a Pink Bus and add a General Election

11th February 2015

Politics jumps the shark with a pink Barbie bus....

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This is a graveyard blog. Something must be done.

25th January 2015

Blogs are ace - but only if you write the damn things....

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My cat has a cat flap…

7th July 2013

Don’t forget to keep the people outside your cat flap happy!...

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Someone on the Internet is wrong…

5th February 2013

Slinging mud, trading statistics and battling intellects in the world of social media....

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Jumping off the fiscal cliff

31st December 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On. Don’t jump off the fiscal cliff. Hope that America doesn’t fall off theirs. And don’t believe everything you read in Debt Crisis Live!...

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Christmas is ace and so is the spam!

20th December 2012

Why is it that at certain times of the year I actually like receiving email-marketing junk?...

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Welcome to my new website

13th November 2012

Well, here it is. My new website. Great isn’t it? In fact, it’s better than great, it’s brilliant!...

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