Why use my

Why use my words?

I write for my living and I'm good. I'm an expert. It's how I pay my mortgage. I'm an intelligent, professional copywriter with a proven track record and delighted clients.

I'm experienced, quick, efficient and unpretentious. I say it how it is, won't bother you with stupid questions and I deliver - giving you a new fresh slant and adding value at every stage. I'm sensibly priced and stick to my fixed-price quote. I won't mess you around, rip you off or go missing in action.

The soft stuff is that I respect and care about all my clients, their culture and communications. I want to listen to you and your ideas. I'll only take you on if I know I can deliver what you need - if someone else can do it better, I'll tell you so. In short, I'll always give you 100 per cent - however big or small your company or job.

How I work

If you're a design agency or marketing company, if you want words for a whole campaign or a one-off project - contact me.

I can work through you or direct to the client. I can join you at any stage in the process. Tell me what you need, show me your tender or email me a brief. I do a quote and off we go!

If you're a business, public sector organisation, social enterprise or entrepreneur, contact me.

I work with you or your marketing department. I help you sell your products, make people use your services and tell your stakeholders, shareholders and staff why you're great! When you need a professional copywriter to help you get the job done contact me.