Welcome to my new website

Well, here it is. My new website. Great isn’t it? In fact, it’s better than great, it’s brilliant! I’d like, of course, to take every ounce of credit for its beauty and elegance, its cleverness, charm and the little red-brown pencil – but of course, I can’t. Because it was created by the wonderful team at Umber Creative who put up with my procrastination and pure brute stubbornness over a number of months; calming me, soothing my fevered brow and generally being jolly good eggs. I can’t thank them enough. I do, however, take full credit for all the words and I do own the copyright…!

So why have I got a new website after 10 years? Well my old site was great; it did the job but was starting to look very dated. But I wasn’t too concerned about that – I’m 46 and at my age I’m pretty comfortable with the retro stuff. And anyway, if I’d left it a few more years, it might have become cool all over again – though I doubt it as it wasn’t very cool in the first place. Basically, the real reason I needed a new website was purely a business one: To get my hands on a decent, well-constructed place to blog.

The blog part of this site is vital. Not because I expect anyone will read what I write. Oh no. In fact, I’d be amazed if they did. I can’t think of any good reason why someone would want to spend their valuable time reading my blog on a regular basis – it’s not going to change their lives or dramatically increase their profit. The only reason I need a blog is to boost my Google PageRank. It’s as simple as that. The more I blog, the more I’m likely to improve my Rank. And these days, that is massively important. Fresh content, regular updates, new pages, shared across social networking sites including Google+.

So, welcome to my new website! I hope that the things I say on the blog do entertain you, help you and perhaps even add a few quid to the bottom line but I’m not promising anything. And anyway, I’m not expecting you to actually read it – just click on it occasionally if you can. Thank you!